Welcome to Shop Ethically!

Shop Ethically promotes sustainable brands and products that are committed to social, environmental and commercial positive change. What this means is:

- these companies are transparent

- the wellbeing of those making the products and working for these companies are of the utmost priority (they are paid well, they work in safe environments, they have a say in the production and they feel genuinely valued by the company)

- these companies have a low ecological footprint (whenever possible, they are using recycled materials, organic materials, vegan products, etc)

- these companies believe in quality over quantity (it is more important to have a lasting product than follow a trend, and overall, they are trying to slow down consumer purchases) 

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For those who want a little bit more information…

Shop Ethically is a passion project of mine. I started it because I grew tired of the fashion industry promoting excess, providing cheap quality clothing and not taking care of those making their clothing. I no longer felt right about wearing items that possibly came from a sweatshop, only cost ten dollars and where I was convinced I needed to purchase every color of every new trend. On top of that, as a freelance photographer, I was tired of working for companies and photographing their products when I knew they weren’t ethically made. I felt guilty as a consumer, and also I felt guilty through my career. The thing is, I found it nearly impossible to find companies that I could truly stand behind and companies that I believed were ethical. Shop Ethically was born as a resource for those wanting to shop ethically. 

This is a personal project of mine, and I’m still learning about the process of ethical shopping myself, so please feel free to email me at any time with comments or suggestions: km.thms@gmail.com

I promise to always do my best in telling the story of the companies I promote, and what makes their fashion ethical. I will always note whether leather is vegan or not, as I know this is a big issue and one I’m still trying to wrap my brain around. At the moment, I am not gaining any monetary value from this project, it’s driven out of pure love for fashion, and more importantly social change.