Information Overload

I remember sitting in my computer science class learning about "information overload" - the Internet being a place that bombards us with information where quality and authenticity is questioned. This is similar to the streets of San Francisco. There are hundreds of shops, more places to eat than you can ever imagine and yet I have no idea which places provide quality (which is why Yelp is awesome). I've eaten at some not so good places, average places and then excellent places. I'm excited to start finding the shops and restaurants that meet my needs and provide me with quality and realness. Amongst the information overload I've discovered a lot of unique places that really make the city stand out. Places like Bi-Rite Market I imagine are where the locals shop. I love that there aren't chain stores everywhere. There are individualized, family run business' that focus on quality and not mass production or money. I love being able to discover these places and find the ones that help give my life personal meaning.

The people are really happy here. Everyone smiles and laughs.