Day at the park.

I sit in a park on a sunny day and look around at everyone around me. There's a mother eating lunch with her young son, the son every now and then yelling out "vrooooom!" as he waves his toy cars through the air. I see a homeless man throw a stick at a couple who in turn starts yelling at the homeless man for throwing a stick at them. A man next to me has asked me how to spell the word generous and has thanked me three times since. There's two gangster looking guys playing Mexican rap off their stereo, and they're rapping along. Someone nearby is smoking pot, another man is setting up his camera tripod, countless people lay in bikinis or shorts and another man hangs his bright, red tuque in the tree to dry. Everyone is a different color, I hear multiple different languages being spoken, everyone comes with different backgrounds and beliefs and yet the one thing we all have in common is that we want to sit in the park and enjoy the sun.

As distant as we are, we're all in this together.