Home is where the heart is.

I spent five years in Kelowna trying to make it home.  I moved to a few different cities as a kid, and so I've never really had a place to go back to that felt like home.  After I graduated and moved to Kelowna, my parents moved to a new province, so home became my present place, which at the time was Kelowna.  In my head Kelowna is home, but it's not where I necessarily say is home.  When people here ask me where I'm from, I've taken to saying Vancouver, as people know where that is as opposed to K-Town.  

As close as Kelowna became my definition of home, it was surprisingly easy for me to leave.  It was very difficult leaving my friends and our house (I grew a strong attachment to our house), but other than that, all I wanted was to arrive at the next chapter, that chapter being San Francisco.  

And now I'm here, and I couldn't feel more at home than I do now.  It's strange considering I don't even have a home yet–I'm living in a suitcase through Airbnb.com–but everything here feels natural.  I've adjusted to this move better than any move I've ever had.  

It is beautiful here.  It's a bajillion photographs waiting to happen.  I wish everyone could visit San Francisco.  There's so much to do, and so much to eat!  Currently unemployed, I've spent a lot of time walking around the city, exploring what makes up the culture here, and falling in love with every discovery I come across.  If you want to be in a busy city, then you're at home, if you want feel the ocean, then you're at home, if you want to see beautiful landscape, then you're at home, if you're looking for greater opportunity, you're at home.  Everyone is so friendly here.  And the streets are booming with things to do.  My day (which always begins with searching for a job) ends with, "I'm going to go to this destination, and I'll see what I find along the way."  And everytime I've gone on my way, I've stopped into countless stores or parks or whatever it is before reaching my final destination.  What should be a 30 minute commute, turns into a 4 hour venture of hills and beauty and life.

People aren't lying when they say the food is good here.  It's so good.  All I do is eat and eat and eat (thank god for those hills).  I dine alone during the day, and at night it's filled with new friends and lasting memories.  It's incredible.

I don't know how long my heart will be in San Francisco, but until then, I'm at home.