We've conquered birds; we can fly.  We've conquered the beasts of the sea; we've swam to [almost] the depths of the ocean. But when we stand below the aquarium and look up at the fish above us and the birds free above, I don't think we've conquered it all.

They aren't polluting our planet or trying to climb some corporate ladder, they're just surviving.  Living.  And while I think we deserve to more than just survive, I think we often forget to live.  Live and breathe.  Smell and look.  

Being surrounded by leaves that are smaller than us and leaves that are larger than us, it's often the most tranquil place I find myself at.  Nature and the earth grow and perform and remain consistent to the way mother nature likes to be.  We do not cause these things to grow, they do it on their own.  And for the first time, it's as if humans reign far below the fish of the sea.  We do not have it altogether, and that is why we must remind ourselves of these things.