A Change of Scenery

Coming from small town Kelowna where everything in your life can be next to perfect, San Francisco is a complete change of scenery.  I'm not saying things here aren't good and can't be close to perfect, I'm reminding myself of that.  There is so much homelessness and so many crazy people walking around that I have moments where I can't seem to grasp the fact that not all of the world is this way.  The world indeed is good.

There's so much to be thankful for here and so much beauty.  The aesthetics of every day life in SF may not mimic those of Kelowna, where all the streets are neatly lined with rose bushes and smiling old people, but the beauty is definitely here.  It's in the passion and the people.  It's in how many people are trying to better this world and make something out of their life.  It's in the conversation and the laughter.  It's in a lot of things that you can't always physically see, but the exist and they are strong.

Help Portrait is this Saturday.  I am so excited to offer my skills to something that is going to change people's lives, add joy and a lasting memory.