Yesterday while I was photographing some products for a company I'm doing a bit of work with, I couldn't help but notice how perfectly the light was reflecting off of this one plant they had in their store. It was a cactus with one flower blossom that had basically grown off of the cactus into its own vine. It was prickly in parts and soft in others were the pink flowers were emerging. The shadows being casted were so beautiful that I began repositioning the plant over and over to try and find the perfect angle with the perfect shadow, in order to take a photo of it. I rearranged the vine again and again, completely fixated on its simple beauty.

Today I opened up my phone because I wanted to edit this photo, but the photo wasn't there. I thought back to yesterday and realized that I had been so consumed with the light and mesmerized by the shadow coming off the cactus that I completely forgot to take a photo of it. 

These are the moments I really love and appreciate. Taking photos is so natural to me that in order for me to forget to photograph something that really inspires me, it means that whatever the thing was, it was actually that inspiring to me. So inspiring to me that I didn't even remember to take a photo. It's times were you are completely lost in the moment. Captured, fascinated, fixated on life's beauty. It's those moments that are my favorite.