The little things.

Don’t stop being fascinated with the little things.

The little things that are so powerful they could make the entire earth shake,
but we forget to see what’s directly below our feet,
or way up in that deep, blue sky,
down into those deep, blue oceans,
up into that deep, blue space.

It’s the little things, like those yellow, little things that fall without sadness in the fall.
They touch the earth and become part of its soil.
Ready for growth, ready to strengthen.
For when spring comes, the leafy veins that once fell will bloom again.

But we forget to bloom again.
We forget that when we fall,
we aren’t crashing, we’re simply diving into a place that brings us into our depths,
our roots.
Our beating hearts, our pulsing veins.
Once we grab hold of our roots we can stand up tall again.

Taller than the last time.

It’s the little things. The little things that determine how we will handle the big things.

Fascinate yourself with what is delightful.