Creating is breathing

Environment is everything. I’ve come to realize why I have loved living in cities like San Francisco and New York. New York is an easier one to explain, New York is much more iconic and movie-magical, but San Francisco is, too, in it’s own way. The two cities in many ways are complete opposite, but they both foster inspiration and creativity. I thrive off creating. My friend and I were talking the other day about whether we prefer the process or the result of “x”, in our case photography. It’s a mix for me. The results definitely feel amazing, seeing your piece finally complete, but the process is where I thrive. At times it’s stressful, at times I walk into a shoot with a great amount of social anxiety, but as soon as I start shooting, I feel completely in my element. It’s because I’m creating.

I can’t live in sleepy cities. I like coming back to sleepy cities, often when I’m burnt out and need a complete detox from everything that normally makes up my life. But once I’ve been able to get a full night’s rest, I’m always driven back to these places. No, not driven, it’s like a supernatural force shoots me back into the place. I crave being in a creative city like I need air. It's like living on a gigantic blank canvas and your feet are the paint. The other thing is, San Francisco and New York are sofa king expensive that you don’t have time float. Every single waking moment you have to put every ounce of your energy into surviving. It’s the most exhausting experience that at times will absolutely deplete you. But it’s like a balloon. If you keep blowing into it, eventually it will inflate and rise. You’ll realize that the struggle was entirely worth it. Creating isn’t easy, it’s just something some of us feel like we absolutely must do at every moment. Creating is breathing.

The thought of moving to Vancouver does scare me. I’ve visited the city enough times to know what it’s like. It is absolutely beautiful, but it can be a little sleepy. Not everywhere, though. Definitely not everywhere. There are parts of the city that are thriving with creativity, and I know it’ll be these parts I’ll gravitate towards. I also believe you can make any place feel inspiring. It depends on how you view the place and it depends on what you do with the place. You can jump into normalcy and what’s easy, and then anywhere, even San Francisco or New York, can become sleepy. Or you can force yourself to get inspired every single day. Maybe it’s by waking up early and going outside. Maybe it’s by locking yourself in your room for hours listening to music and painting. Maybe it’s running. Maybe it’s putting stuff together with your hands. Maybe it’s making coffee. Maybe it’s gardening. Maybe your cities aren't the same as my cities. Maybe your cities are quieter, smaller, bigger, quirkier. Maybe your cities will change as you change. Whatever it is, wherever it takes place, there is something inside of each of us that makes us tick, where no matter where we are, as long as we are doing that one thing, we feel alive. It’s the something that fits into the key hole of your core, unlocking an ocean of treasure.

Pictured: my friend,  Casey , in her photo studio. 

Pictured: my friend, Casey, in her photo studio.