Rip it off like a bandaid.

Let go.
let go let go let goletgo I cannot tell you enough times to let go.

It didn’t come easy,
this lesson, no.  In fact,

it felt like ripping a bandaid off.

If you love something, let it go yeah yeah we’ve heard this before.

But I don’t believe it always will comes back.

I just believe that suddenly you open up space in your life to invite something better in.

And so,
let go.

Let go so it doesn’t hurt as much.

Let go so you can prove yourself wrong.

Let go so you can realize you’re stronger than you think.

Let go so that when you really have to let go, you know how.

Let go so that you know what things you should appreciate,
what things you should not.

Let go so that your body can rest.

Let go let go let goletgo,
I cannot tell you enough times.

Let go.