Like plants, plant me.

Like plants,
we breathe.
The deep roots,
the ones that twist into our core.
The ones that hold us strong,
for when the wind blows.
And oh, how it blows.
Like plants,
we grow towards sunlight.
Towards love and hope and magic.
Like plants,
stuck in tiny pots,
we don’t grow.
Our world, our vision,
stays small.
Our pots don’t need to be complex.
The simpler, the better.
But when we step outside our boundaries
into something bigger,
we grow.
Once again, we grow. 
Like plants,
you and I breathe.
Like plants, 
we need to be taken care of.
Find your water.
Find your soil.
Find your sunlight.
Find the plants you want to grow next to.
Then bloom.

Let it bloom,
let it bloom,
let it bloom.