I really value quietness. The simple days, where, stillness is enough. Calmness is enough. The world is so busy, so loud, so chaotic. We have no idea how many days we have here. We just know that at this moment, right now, we are here. 

I try and focus on this moment as much as I can. The one within myself. The one where all feels still. The air outside is warm enough where slipping on a light, cotton tee is enough. I don't need excess, I don't want excess. I just want to hold onto these simple, quiet days where just being is enough.

Privacy is also something I'm really starting to value. The beauty in keeping things secret, quiet. 

I feel like when I was in my early 20s it was about oversharing. Oversharing anything and everything. Flaunting. Telling the entire world. Trying to "make it" and "be someone". And now, all I want to be is myself. And now, I'd rather just write these words, type these words, get these words out of me and not worry about sharing it. I just want to be myself, and I want myself to remain simple. 

I don't want to fill my life with a lot of extravagant things. I want to focus on things like light, shadows, conversations and touch. And the sound of quietness. Because when I'm comfortable enough to hear nothing, nothing at all, it means that the air and myself, the spaces in between myself, are all in solidarity. I don't need to drown out the voices in my head, the yearnings in my heart, the confusion in my mind. I can sit in silence, listening to the air flow past my ears, and not worry.