I cannot express how much I love quietness, silence. There’s so much noise. Noise we can hear and even noise we can read. Noise that is so saturated that I’ve become a poor listener. And I hate that. I hate that I feed myself so much superfluous information throughout the day that I become too tired to listen to the voices I long for. 

I know I’ve written a lot about social media, but I guess it’s because it’s turned into noise. I’m not saying all of it has, but for the same reasons I need silence, I need to curate the information I read. I open the Internet and I’m immediately shown article after article after tweet after tweet after this social media app and that social media outlet and it’s just so much noise that it overwhelms me.

I like quiet. I like expression. I like the expression you can only reach, touch and feel when things are awfully and deliberately quiet. It’s in this stillness that I can find my breath. It’s in this stillness that I can hear my thoughts. It’s in this stillness that I remember you + I and it’s in this stillness, I can create.