It’s felt like both yesterday and forever.

I feel silly and somewhat shy about exposing too much of my relationship online, and I am also very conscious about showing my boyfriend that I love him and not showing the world how I love him. But today feels special. Special in its own way where we were supposed to go camping this week for our one year anniversary but it fell through and so he’s downstairs making spoon rings and I’m upstairs writing and life today isn’t some grand adventure, but it’s him and I. And this is what I love, when it’s just him and I, doing our thing, both separately and together. 

I bought him this card that says, “let’s weather it together” and the cashier told me that it was such a sad card for me to buy for such a happy occasion. I nervously laughed but proceeded to buy the card because it just felt right. 

Life isn’t about the smiles we publicly show or the adventures we post photos about. Life is about what’s happening behind closed doors where even though our romantic getaway trip had to be canceled due to life happening, life happening is still the best because it’s still done with him. 

Once again, it’s these moments I love, where it’s just him and I creating, both separately and together.

A year ago we decided to make it official, and it’s felt like both yesterday and forever, and I hope it always feels this way. Yesterday, where we’ll continue to challenge each other and make new things and remain committed to keep the excitement, newness and passion in our relationship alive, and forever where we know all of each other’s secrets and that’s okay because we are best friends and we’ll stick through it together, whatever the weather. 

I love you, Eric.

Oh, and also, may the fourth always be with us :D