When life gives you lemon,

seriously, make lemonade. 

It's crazy to me that last July 30th, I looked at my *dream* apartment in Vancouver, and the next day I was approved to move in. A year later, today, I tried on my *dream* wedding dress and literally had one of those moments where it was like oh. my. god. this is the dress. Tomorrow it's my birthday, but honestly, there is nothing more in this whole entire world I could ever ask for or want. My degree is almost done, I'm in a beautiful city, my friends are the absolute greatest human beings, soon I marry my best friend, we have two of the happiest dogs, our families are close, we're healthy, we're creating, ... I just feel like there was a closet full of overflowing lemons that I kept having to hold the door shut to, until one day when I decided to open it and let all of the lemons spill out. I knew, right then and there, that I could let things be sour, or turn them into something sweet. 

There's a rainbow reflecting off of my arm as I type this. I know life won't always feel as colorful as it does now, but it's the shades and hues in between that make the colors shine so much brighter.