Stay small,

stay humble,
stay quiet.

In a world that shouts so loudlyshouts that I have often found intimidatingin the past, I’ve become afraid. I’m been afraid to speak up because I’ve been afraid of being challenged or simply saying the wrong thing. I do not enjoy confrontation and I often don’t understand why everyone can’t just love everyone. But here we are, life, and we’re all so different. We are filled with so many different experiences that shape us and mold us and cause us to act certain ways. 

In a world that shouts so loudly, I’ve learned that staying quiet isn’t accepting defeat. It’s staying humble. It’s staying small. Small things aren’t any less important nor do they have less things to say, I just don’t find the need to shout it. Staying small allows me to focus on my present and those immediately around me, and not on superfluous moments outside of my own bubble. It’s not that I don’t care about other people’s bubbles, I just want to care intentionally about the bubbles immediately around me. Staying small and staying quiet reminds me to stay humble. It reminds me to not think of myself as better than anyone else but rather as someone who each and every morning wants to learn more and ask for advice and stay genuine and seek inspiration. It’s, in a world that shouts so loudly, being content with saying less because it’s not about what I say, it’s about how I live. It’s how I allow my thought life to be. It’s how I engage with others. It’s how I focus on bettering those around me and also bettering myself, and not for my own benefit, but for the benefit of others. We are each learning and growing and breathing and stretching and being pulled every which way, and amongst it all, I just want to
stay small,
stay humble, 
and stay quiet.

Because in quietness, I believe there is power.