i'll be that small fraction.

even if i’m just a  -part-  in this gigantic puzzle piece world.
even if it doesn’t enD at me or i’m not the one (the one to do this or that),
even if i’m only a small fraction, 

i’ll be that small fraction.

because just as the smallest sliver creates shArp, jAgged pAin,
just as One sip of water creates relief after a longandwarm day in the sun,
so, too, can the smallest fraction create
monumental change.
even with one tiny little minuscule piece,
a greater deed is not complete without what may seem insignificant to you or me.
even if i’m just a woman or a daughter or a sister or a wife or a one day mother or some RANDOM HUMAN BEING,
even if i don’t quite know how i fit in this world or why i should fit in,
i know i’ll do my part. because,
even the smallest parts in this g i g a n t i c ᵖᵘᶻᶻᶫᵉ piece world
even the tinylittleminusculepieces form to
create something Greater.

I matter.

You matter.

We matter.

we matter in our own, 

and We Matter Together.