For Cottage Hill

Last summer I interned for one of my favorite magazines, Cottage Hill. It was such an incredible experience and I saw my first published piece printed in the Grace issue of their magazine. I also was able to write a few pieces for their blog, this being one of them...

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What was so exciting for me about this particular piece is that I was able to produce the entire thing. With other pieces, I was given an assignment to write about, and that's all I did (write). With this piece I was able to create the topic, and from there, find the people I wanted to bring this piece to life. These last few years I have let photography take over my entire life which I have loved, but it's caused the majority of my writing dreams to be pushed to the side. It was so refreshing for me to not take the photos for this piece and instead find someone who I felt could represent my vision, and then trust them entirely with the photos. This allowed me to focus on the writing. It was also great because I chose my friend Corina to photograph this piece for me, and she not only provided beautiful photographs, but quite honestly  she took photographs that were better than what I would have taken had I done them myself. There's something about slowing down and focusing on only one thing that allows you to blossom. I like to do everything, but by only doing the writing, this piece turned into more that what I could have ever imaged. Thank you, Cottage Hill, for letting me work with you last summer! And thank you, Corina, for taking such beautiful photographs and being such a great friend :)