Memories I do not want to forget.

Remember when the water tank at our rental broke? I was 33 weeks pregnant. It was March 20th. I remember this because our anniversary is on the 20th. We received keys to the house we had bought the week prior, and with no running water, we made the hour drive with our dogs to our new home. We pushed the two couches together in the living room. Remember? The couches left behind by the stager. Remember? I was 33 weeks pregnant. The smaller couch was comfier for me to sleep on; you took the long couch, the one that sort of sinks in the middle. It was so quiet. Finally. No cars driving by–no ferry traffic, no speeding cars. It was so quiet and we were giddy with excitement. Here we were, in our new home. We slept soundly that night, listening to the wind and the crickets. It didn’t matter that it was a bit cold or that the couches were a bit uncomfortable or that we were sharing them along with our two dogs or that I was 33 weeks pregnant and exhausted. It felt like Christmas and we were kids again, in our new home, the one we bought for Row.