Stay, my storm.

Stay the storm. 


Stay, the storm,

the flowers can be deceiving. 


You run around in flowers all day and forget that soon the flowers will wither.


And while you were running they were withering and you weren't sustaining.
And then the storm hit.


So stay,
the storm.

Because the storm can be quite beautiful.


The storm can be so chaotic that we have no choice but to fight,

and that’s when things happen. 


The storm is where we grow, the storm is where we feel, the storm is were we learn, the storm is quite beautiful.


It’s refreshing,       too,
the storm.


It’s tiring, sitting inside all day when the rain beats down. I don’t like the rain because the rain keeps me in.

But if we equip ourselves with what we need in order to persevere (even if it’s just rain boots and an umbrella),


we see that the rain is beautiful.


We see that the storm is helpful.


So stay, my storm.


Keep beating.


And to my inspiration, thank you <3