Hello. I love to write and I love being able to connect with people and so, I'd like to write you something, as a challenge for myself, and as a way to give you something somewhat out of the blue. Please leave your details below, and expect something from me, soon.

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1. Why are you doing this?
For a living, I take photos, and while I absolutely love taking photos more than almost everything else, I also love to write. This is a way for me to exercise my love of creating and love of writing. And plus, I think it's a cool way to connect with others.

2. Why can't you email me instead?
I believe there is something magical when you receive a physical letter. In a world overflowing with technology, I miss the olden days. There's nothing quite as special as receiving a letter or a postcard from a friend, and so that's what I want to do: old fashion snail mail. I also love how a pen feels on a piece of paper, and so I want to have the option of sending you something hand-written (but no promises here, I may type something and print it out, too).

3. What if I want to write back to you, how can I do that?
That's very sweet of you, thank you :) For now, I would just like to write you. 

4. When will I receive my letter?
It may take me a few days or even a few weeks for me to collect my thoughts and my words and write to you, but rest assured, something will surely come. Surprises are the absolute best.