Pardon me, as I’m in the middle of rewriting my “about me” page (no easy task).

In the meantime, I am not a photographer (but I like to take photos, mostly portraits and interiors) and I am not a writer (but I love to write, prose tends to be a favorite). I am not a photographer, nor am I writer, because I am many other things, and to simply say I am this, implies two things. First, that perhaps I am a bit stagnant (which is also why I may never finish writing my “about me” page). Us humans evolve far too much to simply be left at words on a page. Secondly, to say I am (career type), implies that my worth and status in society comes from my successful (or most definitely unsuccessful/lack of) career. Our identities are so much more than whether we have a career or not. And so, just like you, I am a compilation of various different things.

If you let me take your photo, this is exactly what I hope to achieve: you, the multidimensional, ever-evolving, brave and curious you. You might say, “well, I’m hiring you to take photos of my space, not me,” but still, spaces are never stagnant either. They are just as beautiful and complex as we are. They hold our secrets and wrap us up at night. Some are redecorated while others are still in the 70s. Either way, there are a great many stories in your space, and this is what I will capture.

If you hire me to write for you, I trust that you can now see my style.: words that are questioning things, growing, curious and deeply, deeply feeling.

I live in Tacoma, Washington, a city I absolutely love and am convinced is one of the greatest places on earth. I’ve been fortunate to travel many places (something I love doing) but every time I return from my travels and see my beautiful city I think, ahhh, now this is home.

I enjoy simple things, quiet things but also colorful things. I do enjoy a great many other things, but as I said, I’m in the forever process of rewriting my “about me” page and so those things are perhaps still in the exploratory stage.

If you have made it this far, I truly do congratulate you because not many people would care to read an “about me” page that claims to not be done. Since you’ve made it this far, you and I must be kind of similar. In fact, I think we’d work great together.

Now, I’d love to hear a bit about you…

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Maybe this is the first time you've been asked to identify your gender pronoun, in which case, thank you for letting me be the first one to ask! We mustn't assume one is simply female (she/her) or male (he/him), for there are so many beautiful identities out there, each which deserve to be recognized and celebrated. And so, what pronoun would you like me to use when speaking with you?