Cole Rise

San Francisco has not let me down.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Cole Rise, a photographer whose work I’ve followed for a couple of years.  Almost a month ago I tweeted that I wanted to photograph an airplane.  Cole Rise, being a photographer and a pilot, was kind enough to invite me out to the airport in San Carlos.  The plan was for me to get some photos and then we would head up into the air and have a scenic tour of San Francisco.


It was great to meet Cole and such a pleasure for me to be able to photograph him and some airplanes. Unfortunately 7am was too foggy for us to fly, so we’ll have to wait until next time.  Here’s one of the shots I got of him checking the plane before our (no-go) airplane ride.

I still don’t know why, but I love photographing planes!  I’ll post more photos later.

Thanks Cole!