Behind The Scenes Photos (Tea For Two)

Here are some behind the scenes photos taken by Angie.  I did two separate shoots with the model Kylee, the second shoot ending here at Beanscene.  I've had this photo in my head for about a year and always thought Beanscene would be the perfect location for it.  The old brick walls and rustic, wooden tables were exactly what I wanted.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to finally crack down and take this photo, but it was after seeing this stunning photo by Nathan Presley that I finally decided to get this shoot going before I leave Kelowna.

I wanted both shoots with Kylee to be very statuesque and posed.  A lot of times when working with models I'll give them direction but then just let them run with the poses they naturally come up with.  In this shoot I posed both Kylee and Chris exactly how I wanted them.  I never originally had thought of two people being in this shoot, but having wanted to shoot with two models at once for awhile, and incorporate a male into one of my photos, Chris was the perfect candidate.  His look was entirely inspired off of Mad Men.