Kate: stylist, friend.

I've been taking photos for my good friend, Kate Winsy.  She's an amazing stylist located in San Francisco, and does everything from editorial styling on photo shoots, to closet audits for people wanting to remix their clothes, to shopping trips for those looking to freshen up their wardrobe.  I may be bias since she's my friend, but in all honesty, I *love* what she does.  I had her over awhile ago to go through my closet, help me get rid of stuff, and also help me find new ways to wear my own clothing.  The entire experience was amazing, and if you're a fashion junky (on a budget!) like me, you'll know how exciting it is to have a ton of new outfits to wear that are already in your own closet(!). Here are some of the photos I've taken for her own blog which I highly recommend you check out.