Pacific Helm

I love having such talented friends! Marta Crowe designed and decorated the Pacific Helm office, and I was able to take photos of the space once it was complete.  It's a beautiful office located in the heart of San Francisco.  Pacific Helm is a design studio run by some hella talented folks (we say hella in California, right?).  Here are some of the photos I took of their office.

Room 1: 

Room 2:


If you're looking to redo your office space, bedroom, kitchen, any room really, Marta is your girl!


Photographing an interior is very different than taking photos of fashion stuff, but I find the balance of shooting both to be nice (still objects verses moving humans). My interest in interior photography began when I still lived in Canada. I started discovering that a lot of my favorite portrait photographers also were shooting interiors. I figured they must be onto something. I took on the challenge (always learn as much as you can!) and I'm glad to be doing more of these shoots again.