Lights + Everlane

I finally set up my studio lights! With traveling for over a year, my lights sat in storage for way too long and it has been SO nice playing with them again. Life has been insanely busy with projects outside of photography. It's definitely a new season, one I'm still adjusting too, and so when I have a couple of spare hours to shoot something for *me*, I feel on top of the world again. 

I'm pretty pumped because when my house was built a few years ago, the city laws stated that carriage homes must have garages. And so the second bedroom (my bedroom) was given a garage door, even though it is fully insulated and meant to be a bedroom. This means that when the light is nice outside, I can open the garage door and have this blank wall to shoot portraits against. It's been quite dark here, though, and so I finally set up my lights and have been playing with them all morning. There are definite perks to living in a garage/studio/bedroom ;)

Also! I'm wearing Everlane's sweater and shoes and I'm seriously obsessed. I practically sleep in these shoes and I'm definitely going to be ordering a second pair. I love this sweatshirt so much that I ordered the exact same one but in men's (my boyfriend was happy when I gave his back). The men's one fits a bit differently (looser), so it's nice to have both. The one I'm wearing is a bit cropped and is perfect for high waisted pants.

Shot this on my Canon 5D iii, and edited it with my iPhone 5s. None of this is sponsored, just brands I love and wanted to share :)