Bags for a cause (discount code!).

I've never really done a blog post like this, but there's a first for everything! I want to tell you about this really cool company called The Catrinka Project.

The Catrinka Project is simple: you buy a bag which then employs a woman and educates a girl. I've been following The Catrinka Project for a few years now, and was super thrilled when, while I was living in New York, I got to meet one of the co-founders, Amisha. We talked about bags,  photos, traveling and things that inspired us. I knew from then on that The Catrinka Project was a company I wanted to be actively engaged in and supporting.

Now why is this blog post important for you?


For the holidays, I've teamed up with The Catrinka Project and we'll be giving you guys 10% off any of your purchases in their store.  All you have to do is use the discount code: "KIM10".

I have a few of their bags and seriously love them. They're all so unique and come in beautiful patterns. Plus, knowing they were handmade by a woman in the world and that buying a bag keeps her employed and educates a girl... that is pretty amazing to me. When you click on a bag, it will tell you where in the world it was made. The patterns make me nostalgic for the places I've been to, and eager to explore the countries and cultures I haven't been to. They're a really great company. A genuine one, too.

Click me to shop!

Happy shopping :)