Engagement Photos by Jordan Voth

It's funny, as a photographer, I take hundreds of photos each week. I am constantly taking photos... of other people, of my own life, of our life, for clients. I have so many photos I literally do not know what to do with them all. Photos are so readily available to me that I had never experienced the joy and magic of having someone else photograph my life. 

Eric and I had Jordan Voth take our engagement photos for us, and I cannot even begin to explain the magic I felt when I saw our photos for the first time! These photos are truly invaluable to me. I admit, being on the other side of the camera with a different photographer left me completely out of my element. Thankfully, Jordan was absolutely incredible to work with and made us feel so comfortable while being photographed. Plus, he's simply an amazing person and exceptionally talented.

The mountains and the ocean are home for Eric and I. We took a ferry with Jordan to find some mountains we had never seen before and I couldn’t be more grateful for the day, and for the photos Jordan took. There are so many ones I love. Here are just a few… Okay, more than few.

Thank you again, Jordan! www.jordanvoth.com

Eric's Outfit:
Shirt 1: J.Crew
Vest: Pendleton
Jeans: Noble Denim
Boots: Red Wing
Shirt 2: Pendleton
Shirt 3: Everlane
Hat: Ted Baker

Kim's Outfit:
Dress: Shabby Apple
Belt: J.Crew
Boots: Steve Madden
High waisted jeans: J.Crew
Skirt: ModCloth