The Shine Project

I got this bracelet stack from this cool company called The Shine Project! They work with inner city youth in Pheonix, AZ to help them pay for college. Go check them out! 

PS: as consumers, it's really important to know where we are shopping. I love fashion and mixing new items with old, but it's easy to impulse shop (or hey, spend months before making the decision) without doing any research as to where our products come from. I am all about ethical shopping, but please, don't just buy because it's ethical. Buy because you truly believe in the companies cause. It's easy to buy something ethical because it makes YOU feel better about yourself (since the money is going towards a good cause). But if it's for our own benefit and self esteem boost, that doesn't seem ethical to me. It reminds me of the other day when a homeless man asked me if I could buy him some food from Safeway. I was super annoyed with him but had just left school and we were talking about giving back, and I knew that I had to buy something for this man or I'd feel terrible. But I didn't feel terrible about his circumstances, I felt terrible about ME not buying him something. I walked into Safeway, bought him a $10 gift card and then gave it to him so that I would feel better about myself doing something nice for someone, but really not caring at all about the man. Sure, the $10 gift card helped him out, but my intentions were still wrong. So please, don't ethical shop for our own benefit, purchase because you really believe in the company. And then from there, see how else you can give back, perhaps to the company, or even better, in ways that will help your own community.