The time I tried to eat my engagement ring.

I miss blogging, I miss taking photos, I miss creating. This morning I woke up and realized that my schedule may never be less busy. There may never be enough time in the day and I no longer want to use it as an excuse. This time of my life is never going to happen again. Eric and I get married soon(ish) and I don't want to not document this time of my life simply because the amount of reading I have to do for school goes through the roof. So, I woke up early and decided to take a few photos, sit down at my computer and open my blog up. And now I'm here. I'm going to try my best to document these next few months, because I don't want to ever, ever, ever forget them. Creating is what makes me feel like I'm really living, so there's no excuse for not creating, even if I don't have enough time.

Anyway, this isn't a formal blog post. It's kind of a silly one, actually. I normally only post about exciting things or amazing photo shoots or traveling or the things that make my life feel really big, but let's face it, most of the time life isn't that exotic. Most of the time, my life is filled with all of these superfluous moments but that's my life, and I think it's important to make them special in their own ways, and not just the big, exciting things the important moments.

So, about the time where I almost ate my engagement ring.

When I sleep at night, I flip my ring around so the diamonds are on the inside of my hand. I seem to naturally sleep with my hand in a fist, and so I'll fall asleep almost holding my ring, but then on the outside of my hand, my ring doesn't get caught on the blankets. The other night I was having a dream where I was holding candy in my hand, and in my dream I started to eat the candy out of my hand by putting my face directly into the palm of my hand. Well that morning I woke up to myself actually trying to eat the "candy" that was in my hand. I opened my eyes and discovered I was literally trying to bite my engagement ring, ha. Thankfully, I didn't succeed. :)

So this is life, the quiet, in between moments that I crave so badly. I graduate in a few months and I am so insanely excited. I'm excited to have my time back to myself, and I'm even more excited to move to Seattle, and even more excited to get married! It's not that I think my life starts when I finally get married, because I really do not think that, but Eric and I have so many plans and things we want to do and make. I miss creating so insanely much and I'm just so excited to be able to create every day, and have the person I love creating alongside of me.

Photos taken with my iPhone.