Tamarshalem Shoes

I've been trying to shop more consciously, which use to be easier said than done, but lately I have been finding so many brands that produce their products ethically. I'm not into mass production and my conscience never sits well with me when I'm buying something that is possibly from a sweatshop, so I was super excited to discover Tamarshalem Shoes. Tamar *hand makes* her shoes in her workshop in Israel and has so many beautiful designs! She has also started creating some vegan leather shoes which are stunning. I'm amazed at the talent that goes into creating her shoes. Here's a little look into her workshop:

I recently ordered the handmade white ballerina bridal shoes and absolutely love them! Plus, she also just released them in gold and silver, too. The leather is so soft and I am obsessed with their unique design. 

As always, I really believe people should buy less. I've been paying less attention to trends or purchasing items that I'll only be donating a year later. Not that I think there is anything wrong with donating items, I just think we waste a lot of clothing material that ends up in the dump rather than the items being re-used. And so, I've been trying to focus on buying lasting items that I'll be able to wear for years and years. I *love* color, but I've been buying more neutral items solely so that they will last longer and not go out of style. Now that the rain has finally let up in Seattle, I've deemed these my new summer shoes (and next summer shoes, and next summer and next...). It's sometimes hard for me to justify spending more money on less items, but when the quality is there, my clothes and shoes should last longer and I shouldn't have to buy as much. It also means a simpler, cleaner closet which I'm more than okay with. And no, this isn't just a minimalism trend I'm on. I really do believe that less is more.

As such, many of Tamar's shoes are only released in limited productions. Not only does this mean you get a super unique shoe, but you also know that the material being used to create your shoe is being carefully selected by Tamar. I love her unique approach to design, including how she hand stamps some of the leathers with vegetables. 

Definitely check out Tamar's shop to see more of her gorgeous shoes and support her as an artist!