Lo & Sons

I've been looking for a good camera bag for months. One that is versatile, sleek, can carry my camera in it but doesn't look like a camera bag. Most days I am photographing interiors which fortunately allows me to pack light (my camera, one lens, and a tripod). Plus, I absolutely cannot stand bulky and heavy camera bags. Unless I am doing a shoot that requires me to bring all of my gear, I pack as light as possible. I was so happy to discover Lo & Sons because they basically had everything I wanted in a camera bag in their leather Claremont Bag. Plus, their bags are ethically made - YAY.

Here's what I can fit in this bag:
- my DSLR (Canon 5d mark iii). It's a little snug width wise, but it absolutely fits and the clasp still closes with no problems
- my 24-105mm lens
- my wallet 
- my keys
- business cards
- an extra battery
- memory cards

This bag is so beautiful and light and is perfect for everyday adventures. Carrying a heavy camera all day can really take its toll on my back, and so having a bag that is lightweight has been key for me. This is basically how Lo & Sons started–it was a mother who had back issues and needed a lightweight bag. With the help of her sons, they started making bags. To ensure quality and also ethical production, one of the owners, Jan, makes frequent trips to their factory in China (China being where he lived for an extended period of time) to make sure the conditions are up to standards. The bags are put together by hand and are seriously gorgeous. 

Here's what I mean by the camera being a little wide. The clasp still closes, though. Smaller cameras will fit even better, but I use this setup on a daily basis and so far the bag is still holding its natural shape well.

The bag's interior is soft and there are two pockets for memory cards.

I use the back pocket for business cards.

I highly recommend checking out Lo & Sons! They have more than just camera bags, too!

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