Matter | The Classic Jumpsuit + Zalya

I am a huge fan of Matter Prints, a company based out of Singapore. I love their focus on stories and that they specifically partner with artisan communities that have been practicing their crafts for generations. A lot of hands-on craftsmanship, such as weaving, has been lost in younger generations, and so Matter works with these communities to help preserve and make their crafts sustainable. 

What I love about Matter Prints is that not only are they trying to create sustainable work for the artisans, but they are creating sustainable pieces. What first impressed me about the Zalya Jumpsuit were the buttons on each side of the pant waist. These buttons allow me to tighten or loosen the jumpsuit to my own size, and also means that I can continue wearing this piece whether I lose weight, gain weight or even get pregnant. There are also two buttons on the back so you can make the top looser or tighter. So many clothing companies produce cheap and quick products, hoping you’ll come back to buy more. Matter is different. They genuinely care about their products, the quality put into their products, the artisans and those wearing their products, so much so that they made a jumpsuit that you don’t need to buy over and over again. Matter believes in quality over quantity. 


The print on this jumpsuit is Zalya, which is an ikat print. Ikat is a heritage craft that can be found all over the world. The yarns are resist-dyed, meaning the dye is placed in a way where it won’t spread to all of the yarn, allowing it to create beautiful patterns once the yarns are woven together. The Zalya pattern comes from stories of the artisans, an arrowhead that represents fearlessness and bravery. 

I love how modern this jumpsuit is. The silhouette is beautiful and has a gorgeous wide pant leg. It’s lightweight and great for summer, but I’ve also worn it with a longer sweater on cooler days and it’s perfect. I’m such a huge fan of this company and their approach to design and ethical fashion.