The Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress by Everlane

It is long overdue of me to be featuring Everlane as I've been one of their biggest fans from the day they opened. A random funny story about when Everlane had just begun...

I went to a party in San Francisco wearing an Everlane tee I had purchased from them, and a guy randomly approached me asking if I was wearing Everlane. I immediately said yes, and before I gave him a chance to say anything else, I began telling him everything I possibly knew about Everlane and how much I loved their clothing, except for this one other t-shirt I had ordered from them. Strangely, the white t-shirt I ordered showed up yellow, as if there were some dyes that had been mixed with one another. The guy looked pretty frightened at what I had just told him, and before I could say anything else, he introduced himself as Michael. As it turns out, I was talking to the CEO of Everlane. He was incredibly friendly and asked me for my name and what size shirt I wore. He apologized about the t-shirt and told me to email Everlane about it as soon as I got home. The night went on, and I forgot to email Everlane, but then a few weeks later, a package arrived on my doorstep. Of course, it was from Everlane. Michael had sent me a handful of crisp, new, white t-shirts. From there, I was hooked (although I was already hooked before).

I have purchased several shirt dresses before, and I always end up donating them. They either don't fit right, don't feel right or don't look right. And so I was super excited to get their Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress, because like most things, Everlane nails it. I will honestly be wearing this dress for the rest of my life. It is so classy and simple. It's also an outfit I can be working in which is always a huge pro for me. The back is longer, and so when I'm bending over to take photos, I don't have to worry about the dress coming up too high.

Everlane is one of the most transparent companies I've ever discovered. When you view this dress on their website, they give you an exact cost break down showing where your money is going. They also don't mark things up a ridiculous amount. You can even view the factory where the dress was made. 

This dress is super soft and comfortable and is something I can wear on a cool, summer day, or in the winter with jeans or nylons. They have a ton of basics, but then a lot of more elegant and classy pieces that are timeless. If I had to choose one company to have my entire wardrobe come from, it would be Everlane, hands down. They also sell men's stuff, so be sure to check them out :)

Shoes were  gifted by Everlane for my wedding . They have tons of other beautiful colors on their  website ! 

Shoes were gifted by Everlane for my wedding. They have tons of other beautiful colors on their website