Spoon Rings by Kimberlin Co

I've been exploring the world of recycled fashion and seriously, some of my best pieces come from thrift stores or antiquing. There are so many items you can fix up, sew, or turn into something entirely new. For the past few years, my husband, Eric, has been making rings out of spoons that he finds at local antique shops. He got into the craft after his sister wanted to buy her bridesmaids spoon rings. Instead of buying them, Eric told her to hold off and that he would make the rings for her. Soon enough, it turned into Kimberlin Co. 

I think story telling is something that has been lost when it comes to what we wear, and so it's been really exciting to explore the world of spoons and realize that some of the spoons have very intimate stories behind them (when they were made, who they were made for, etc). I also love imagining that at some point, people owned these sets of spoons in their homes, and they were used over countless dinners and deep conversations. These spoons aren't going to waste, and are being turned into beautiful rings.

Kimberlin Co offers both sterling silver spoon rings and silver plated spoon rings, available on the Kimberlin Co website. I've heard of a few people who have used these as engagement rings or wedding bands which is so incredibly dreamy.

There are a variety of rings to choose from, from anchors, to roses, to keys. Check them all out by clicking here.