Jeans by Noble Denim

I have never been a jeans girl, until I discovered Noble Denim. Long story short, my husband and I were able to meet up with Abby and Chris, the founders of Noble Denim, a few months ago in Portland and they are the most lovely human beings I have ever met. You know when you meet someone and you instantly click, and you could literally talk for hours upon hours even though you just met? That's how it was with them. We had been following Noble for awhile and so it was really fun being able to meet with Abby and Chris, and hear more about their story.

Noble Denim makes all of their jeans right here in the US. My husband wears his Noble's basically every day, and I wear mine a few times a week, easily. They recently came out with women's jeans and they are SO comfortable. I wasn't really into jeans before, mostly because they never were comfortable or they looked too casual, but these jeans are now my go-to outfit. I got the high waisted skinnies in black and I'm in love with them. They sit at the exact right place on my waist (meaning, not too high where I have a mom bum, but also not too low, so they keep everything in, if you know what I mean). They also have a bit of stretch to them but still have really good structure. They are thick, but breathable, and I find them so classy. I can dress them up or down, and I can even eat a big meal while wearing them. 

Here are the men's jeans and gosh do they age beautifully. 

I love the little "N" logo stitched into the side of my jeans!

Click here to check out more of Noble Denim's clothing, all of which is ethically made :)