A downtown escape.

It's crazy, had you asked me three years ago if I wanted to take photos of anything else other than people, I would have said no. Photographing people has always been my jam, but a few years ago I started photographing office spaces in San Francisco that my good friend Marta was designing. I've been hooked ever since.

There's something I find incredibly therapeutic doing interior photography. I love being able to see how people decorate their homes and imagining the life they have in their space. I especially love seeing tiny spaces (like the one below) and how creative they are when it comes to storage space and giving the place its own personality. I love the quaintness of these homes and knowing that an entire life happens in this space. It's so refreshing and calming. Don't get me wrong, photographing people are still my jam, but being the introvert I am, photographing people can leave me feeling exhausted at the end of the day. As the photographer, you turn yourself into a bit of a class clown, in order to get the person to smile and laugh. I do love it, but again, some days that can be difficult. A space like this requires no class-clowning. There's no movement, no noise, just a quiet space sitting with years and years of secrets whispering through the walls.

It's magical.

Here's a space I photographed earlier today.