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One year ago today the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed, tragically killing over one thousand people, and injuring even more. It is so incredibly important to know where your clothing comes from, and know your factories. Wear your clothing inside-out to help spread the message that change needs to happen. Take a photo of your inside-out clothing and tag your photos on Instagram with #KnowYourFactories. You can also learn more about the factories Everlane partners with at:

Pictured: Megumi, a ballet dancer in New York, wearing the Silk Sleeveless shirt

An article reflecting on the state of retail one year after the disaster:


From Everlane's blog:

A year ago today, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh,
killing 1,133 garment workers.

There was no accountability or transparency.

While we can’t fix the system overnight, we can start
by helping to raise money for those impacted.

The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund offers financial support
to victims and their families. They are not yet set up for
individual donations so we have created a platform here.

We will match the first $10,000.
Donate Now.