There was a time when I owned 1 pair of pants and over 50 dresses.  It was a time where, even in the cold snowy days of Canada, I wore a dress almost everyday.  After I moved to San Francisco, that quickly changed.  I don't exactly know how, but in my books, San Francisco is by far much colder than my hometown in Canada.  Sure, we get snow and the winters are cold, but the summers are easily over 90 degrees.  Plus, the snowy days aren't chilled.  Kelowna is actually a desert, and so even during the winter it still is very dry.  SF, you chill me to the bone with your ocean mist.  Still, you sure are pretty.

Meet Mollie (although I'm sure you've already seen her here and here and here).  Mollie has this many dresses, times a hundred (slight sarcasm, but not by much). When I found this out, I just had to photograph her in a bunch of them.  I'm hoping to turn Wear A Dress SF into something, and these photos of Mollie are my start. 

Also pictured: Voltron.