Long weekend grilled salad.

I think this salad is called long weekend because it's just that, it takes a loooong time to make this. Either that, or I'm not a huge fan of grilling, which is where the additional time comes from. When I think of a salad, I think quick and easy (while still being filling). This one took awhile and it wasn't as filling as I thought. It's probably great for, like the title says, a long weekend, and as a side dish for many different meals. 

I've been going through the entire Oh She Glows cookbook and while the other three recipes I've made from her cookbook received a 10 out of 10, I'm scoring this one at a 6.5. It was still worth trying out this recipe, though! The dressing is delicious and I will definitely remake it for another type of salad (probably something Mexican).

Serves 6. Takes about 45 mins (prep and grill time).


Grilled vegetables:
- 4 ears of corn (Oh She Glows calls for 6)
- Coconut oil for brushing on the vegetables (I used extra virgin olive oil)
- 3 bell peppers (red, yellow and orange), quartered lengthwise
- 2 medium zucchinis, halved lengthwise
- salt and pepper

- 3 TBSPs of extra virgin olive oil
- 3 TBSPs of fresh lime juice (I juiced two limes)
- 1 glove of garlic, minced
- 2 TBSPs of minced fresh cilantro leaves
- 1 TSP agave nectar (or other liquid sweetener)
- 1/4 TSP sea salt
- pepper to taste

Optional ingredients:
- 1 avocado
- 1 can of black beans

After you've chopped the peppers and zucchini, brush coconut oil or olive oil on them, along with the corn. Season with salt and pepper. Wrap the corn in tinfoil, and then place them on the grill. The rest of the veggies go directly on the grill. Make sure your grill is preheated (about 10 min). Grill for about 15 mins, rotating the veggies every 5. Take the peppers and zucchini off the grill and leave the corn on for another 10 to 15 minutes.

For the dressing, mix everything into a bowl (extra virgin olive oil, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, agave nectar, salt and pepper).

Once everything is off the grill, you will need to let it cool for a few minutes before chopping. Chop everything up and mix it into the bowl with the dressing. For the corn, stand each ear in a dish or a pan and slice downward along the length of the corn with a knife. Mix the corn in with everything else.

Lastly, I added a can of black beans for some extra protein. I also seasoned the salad with a bit more salt, pepper and cilantro.

If you end up making this, let me know what you think of it!