Ashleigh (behind the scenes)

Ashleigh, currently moving to Vancouver to further pursue her dreams as a model, happened to be in Kelowna for 3 days.  The fact that we were able to pursue two separate photo shoots with her (with very little time to plan) was amazing!  It couldn't have been done without the help of Cheri Chung, the makeup and hair styling artist.  

Thank you Ashleigh for all your hard work!  Thank you Frakas for providing us with such beautiful clothing to work with.  Thank you to my friend Brittany for helping me put flowers in the trees, helping with lighting, wardrobe and my sanity on a 5:42am day.  You all RULE!

Getting ready began before 6:00am:

The photo shoot took place at the Okanagan Serenity Garden, the prettiest garden I've seen in Kelowna!

Not that the garden needed any more beautiful flowers, but for a few of the looks we wanted a plethora of flowers and color.  Early in the week Cheri and I went and purchased fake flowers.  Here is Brittany placing fake flowers amongst all the real flowers.

What you don't see in the final images, is how at times Brittany was standing no more than two feet from Ashleigh either blocking light with an umbrella, or adding light with a light disc.  She wasn't too impressed with me including her in the photo, but I had to :)

Our change room consisted of a blanket.

The day started cool, but after an hour or two the sun came out and it was hot.  I asked Brittany to take this photo of me to showcase how ridiculous I looked: yesterday's hair and makeup, pulled up spandex pants and socks.

At one point we put Ashleigh in the middle of one of the gardens and found a little snail!

Thank you snail for helping us out!

Here is a preview of one of the photos:

Many more photos to come!