My Grandma, a true Rough Rider's fan

From Saskatchewan to BC, my Grandparents moved into their new house in the 70s.  A lot has changed since then, but their green shag carpet has not.  One day while my boyfriend and I were visiting my Grandma and she was telling us about the renovations that were going to take place in the living room, my boyfriend mentioned to my Grandma that she should turn the green shag carpet into a football field.  For months afterwards I bugged her about this, fearing the carpet would come out before the field would arrive.  Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs I received a phone call from my Uncle (I'm not sure we've ever talked on the phone) stating, "Go Rough Riders go, carpet comes out tomorrow."  I knew that was my cue to come over and turn the living room into a football field.  I arrived the next morning and my Grandma and Uncle had already done the deed.  The living room was empty and ready for renovations, all but flour for the field lines, and all of my Grandma's Rough Rider's gear (which comes out every game).

If any of you have any connections to the Rough Rider's team, I'd love if you sent them this link.  My Grandma is the biggest Rough Rider's fan I know, and I'd love if her favorite team in the world gave her tickets to see them play their game.