And so, here we are. 

It had been months–no–it had been almost two years. 

I woke up early for work, September 6th, 2017, and stumbled into the bathroom half awake. I had dreamt that night that I should take a test in the morning and so I did. I took one test and stared. It couldn't be. I took another test. My mind felt like a cloud. Was this a dream? I took a third, and still, a second line appeared. 

My heart felt giddy but my mind was so confused. I woke up my husband–it was barely 6 am. Seeing the light appear in his eyes as I said those words (I think I'm pregnant), was the most magical thing. 

Still unconvinced (after 20 months of trying, countless doctors appointments, tests, procedures, frustration, tears), I went to the store and bought another test, this time, a different brand. This time, instead of a second line appearing that I could say is possibly a mistake, the word "pregnant" appeared. And I knew it was real. 

And so, here you are. 


(Sorry about the morning hair.)