I bought your dad a book last week called, "Hector the Collector." It's a children's book and I felt absolutely crazy buying it. The book reminded me so much of your dad when I read it, and as I handed the lady my credit card, I knew that by buying this book I was taking a huge step of faith. I hadn't asked God before, I just felt compelled. It was an act of faith that you were going to come into this world. I got home, I gave it to your dad. I explained to him that I knew this was a strange gift, a children's gift when we didn't even know how or if we'd be able to get pregnant, but that I wanted him to read it to you one day. He didn't seem to understand at the time, but we read it together anyway. We laughed at how much Hector the collector is just like your dad. And I hoped that one day you'd be like him maybe. That was last Friday, September 1st, 12017.