Eric asked me today why I don't start writing about this experience. It's been four days since I found out about you and I realized, I haven't written anything being I am scared. 

Our next doctor's appointment was going to be with a fertility specialist. I already knew what they were going to tell us (medical intervention, statistics, etc., etc.,). I also knew it was going to take awhile for you to come because a month after Eric and I got married, God told me in a dream. He told me not to worry about the timing of your arrival or to worry about the horrible things happening in this world. He also told me that you would change the world. 

I canceled the appointment with the fertility specialist and yesterday, I walked into the doctor's office to take another test. She asked me how I would feel if the test came back positive. I told her I'd be happy and also very shocked. I took the test and a few minutes later she handed me a piece of paper: positive. You're positive; you're here.